Hetero Auditions: Extended to March 11

For those who wish to still submit a self-tape audition for Hetero after the March 8 deadline — you are in luck! Auditions will still be accepted through Wednesday, March 11 at midnight. Auditions for the roles of Zel and Mickey are highly encouraged.​ ZEL (LEAD): FEMALE, LATE TEENS Black/racially ambiguous, bisexual, cis female. Consistently the voice of reason. Struggles with a sense of underlying anxiety that she ‘different’ from other high schoolers from alienation based around her ethnicity, religion, and sexuality, and her maturity compared to those around her.

MICKEY (LEAD): TRANS MALE, LATE TEENS Bisexual trans boy. Energetic, dramatic, and always the life of the party. Little respect for social conventions or norms. Uses flair to hide his own underlying insecurities. Clumsily attempts to court Dahmer, who he harbors an intense and over-the-top crush for.

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