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The Team

  • Director, Writer

    Kendall Kieras

    Kendall Kieras is an 18 year old writer, LGBT+ and climate justice activist. They have served with Zero Hour, TeenTix and Youth Speaks Seattle. They truly believe in the power of stories to change the world. 

  • Director, DP, Editor

    Bentley Eldridge

    Bentley Eldridge is an 18 year old film director, cinematographer, and editor. He performs in theater, travels for Model UN, rows, and avidly devotes his free time to breaking the norms of Hollywood filmmaking. @bbbentl

  • Assistant Director

    Daisy Schreiber

    Daisy Schreiber is very enthusiastic, perpetually worried, and splits time between 14/48:HS and TeenTix, both of which she loves very much. She believes ‘good art’ is anything that makes you feel less alone.

  • Production Manager

    Ella Park

    Ella Park is an 18 year old writer and amateur pianist. Previously she has been seen working in Seattle with Teen Tix, the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP), High School 14:48, and 5th Avenue Theatre.

  • Art Director

    Ilah Walker

    Ilah Walker is a 17 year old who enjoys drawing, acting, and the arts community in general. She participates in the TeenTix New Guard, Henry Teen Art Collective, and other teen programs across Seattle.

  • Production Designer

    Sofia Valenta

    Sofia Valenta is a 16 year old set designer and constructor. She attends Garfield High School, where she also plays soccer as a goalie and wrestles. She promises her jock status in no way impairs her theater capabilities.

  • Lead Costume Designer

    Claire Mattingly

    Claire Mattingly is a 16-year-old dancer, director, and makeup artist. She competes in Mock Trial competitions, is president of Theater and Film Club at her school, and always loves a good book. 

  • Makeup & Wardrobe

    Renée Anderson

    Renee is currently a junior at Garfield High School and is very excited to be working on her first filmed production with the Hetero team. She  on the costume and makeup design for the show Hetero. 

  • Makeup & Wardrobe

    Nia/Leo Fletcher

    Nia/Leo Fletcher is on the costuming team for production Hetero. They love expressing their creativity in different ways and are excited to be part of the crew of this show. They can’t wait to share Hetero with others!

  • Art & Wardrobe

    Ella Carson-Holt

    Ella is a 17 year old artist and musician. She attends Holy Names Academy and does tech for their theatre department. She is pumped to be a part of the Herero art department and crew!

  • Boom & Sound Mixer

    Soleil Cowan-Quan

    Soleil Cowan-Quan is a 16 year old sound designer and technician. She has been seen working with The Lesser Known Players and the Bainbridge High School Theater Program. Her hobbies include writing, making things, and overthinking.

  • Social Media Manager

    Eden Blanford

    Eden is super excited to submit their bio in the coming weeks so we'll know some fun things about them. Also they play Mickey in our upcoming miniseries, Hetero!

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